We GO There!

taxco-tianguis.jpgIn the age of the internet, it is easy enough to find suppliers online.  In fact, because of our web visibility we get emails all the time from jewelry factories around the world, especially from China.

But as with most things, bigger (and easier) is not necessarily better.  We prefer to work with artisans who handcraft their designs, not jewelry mass-produced in a factory.  Many times these are family businesses who employ a dozen or more local workers so you can be sure that your dollar that is spent with us is making a real difference in businesses and lives impacted around the world.

In Taxco, there are some artisans that we can work with online and over messages, but many have no storefront and only sell in the once-a-week Saturday silver market.  If you are not THERE you don't find the best jewelry.  Same with the Dominican Republic - we met artisans on our trip to the larimar mine that we never could have found on the internet.  It really does make a huge difference!

Be sure to check out our feature pages for Taxco, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the world's only larimar source for more details and pictures.