Taxco, Mexico

We always love visiting Taxco, Mexico - home to many of the artisans who manufacture designs for the Silvergirl Sterling Collection. But on our trip in November, 2018 we really got to see Taxco and its people at a deeper level.  Just after Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) there were street festivals at every turn and decorations everywhere.  Check out the video taken our first night in town in the Zocolo - the town square - decorated for the holiday with flowers on the street!

Many of our artisans employ up to a dozen local silversmiths. When you do business with Silvergirl Sterling, whether for your personal collection or for your shop or boutique, you are directly impacting many lives in Taxco, Mexico, Israel, Thailand and other countries.  

Periodically we are honored with an invitation to the home of one of our artisans. This trip we visited one of our manufacturers who specializes in shell jewelry - abalone, mother of pearl, oyster and more.  We visited him two years ago and since then he has built a new workshop above his residence, and built a beautiful stone staircase leading up to it with his own hands.  It was easy to see how proud he was of his handiwork and how eager he was to show us, even with the language barrier.

This artisan, like many in Taxco, do not have an actual storefront.  They sell their wares in the Saturday silver market called the Tianguis (Tee-ANG-gus).  Many trips we will arrange to be in Taxco over two weekends - we place orders on the first Saturday and pick them up on the second Saturday!

Many time visits to Taxco resemble an episode of the Amazing Race, as we are always searching for unique, new designs and new artisans in corners of town that we haven't explored.  One benefit is the incredible variety of food to be found - from street vendors selling fresh fruit and breads to taco stands emanating incredible aromas as you walk by.

bendita1.jpgOur favorite restaurant overlooks the town square from a balcony, where we enjoy street tacos and Negro Modelo and people watch locals and visitors and the white Volkswagon beetle taxis go by.  On our first visit we were able to write on the wall along with many other past visitors to leave our names and date, and we added a new entry on our next visit.  In November, 2018, we found they had redecorated and painted over all the names!  We were talking in passable Spanish to the manager when she walked away, coming back with a marker.  She actually invited us to be the very FIRST to leave our name on the new walls!  Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity.  The picture is Roland leaving our original mark and the video below shows our new mark on fresh paint!  Our happy place is on a Caribbean beach, but if we aren't on sand, we'd rather be in Taxco!