94 Days - Day 01 - Sideways Mermaid Round Bangle Cuff

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Welcome to SUMMER!  We're kicking off our very first online summer celebration with one of my favorite pieces!

When you can't reach the beach, this stunning mermaid bangle will keep your thoughts on your favorite stretch of white sandy beach!  This awesome bracelet is a circular cuff (our newer design is an oval) that has a 2½" diameter.  It fits up to an 8" wrist * and measures 3/4" wide. 

.925 Sterling Silver.  Handmade in Thailand exclusively for Silvergirl Sterling!

Quantities are limited... catch her before she swims away forever!  

NOTE:  * This bangle is designed to be slipped over the fingers and hand to reach proper placement on the wrist.  Never force your wrist through the clasp opening.  The bracelet is cast as a whole piece.  Forcing your wrist through the bracelet opening could cause breakage which is not covered by our replacement policy.

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