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Sheba Fundraiser

shebatag.jpgWelcome to Silvergirl Sterling's fundraiser for Princess Sheba Victoria, a beautiful one year old Egyptian Mau.

Sheba has a very rare disease where her immune system is attacking itself.   Sheba's family turned to the University of Missouri's Veterinary Health Center for help.  After 3 weeks of IV fluids, five blood transfusions and a last IVIG transfusion she was finally stabilized.  She now takes a chemo pill every 3 days & prednisone once a day.

Sheba still has a very long road ahead and her family has a LOT of vet bills that continue to mount up (in the thousands of $).  As owners of two Egyptian Maus like Sheba, we can only imagine what this experience has been like for her owners and we are glad to help out with this fundraiser to help with those costs.

shebacagecrop.jpgTo participate, use the code SHEBA at checkout with any order - 50% of the price of the Furry Love pendant and earrings and 25% of ALL other jewelry that you purchase will be donated to the cause.  The fundraiser will run through March 31, 2017*!

Help us help Sheba's loving family while this miracle kitty continues to recover!

Lois Weeks

President, Silvergirl Sterling

* NOTE: Please check back for new items later in the month.  We just added many new pieces to our linethat have not been photographed and added to the web store.

shebacrownnew.jpgDirect Donation Info:

Sheba Sapp fund. Patient ID # 717-5583. 
University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center 
800 East Campus Drive, Columbia, Mo. 65211
Small Animal Clinic
Phone # 573-882-1632
Attn. Mandy or Kelly (cashier dept)