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Our Story

A Pirate Flag and an Island Girl...

ramon.jpgAfter surviving 15 years of layoffs, downsizing and re-engineering in corporate healthcare finance, my luck (and patience) finally ran out.  I decided to become my own boss and follow my passion for jewelry in direct sales.  After winning Career Sales and Career Recruiter awards years of my customers telling me I should do my own thing, I started Silvergirl Sterling to showcase my favorite designs from around the world.  

Where Sterling Meets the Sea

Silvergirl Sterling is now featured in boutiques and gift shops from New England to Florida and the Caribbean,  Our line ranges from your favorite classics to sea life, beach, nautical and equestrian collections.

You will find the best sterling silver jewelry the world has to offer, direct from the artisans that make it without ever leaving your home.  From fun and funky Mexican designs to intricate, artistic treasures from Israel, we also work with artisans from Mexico, Bali, Indonesia, India, Thailand and larimar from the Dominican Republic.


Love for the Beach and the Ocean

Our happy place is truly on a Caribbean beach, and our collection is filled with designs inspired by life on the sand, sharing the waves with sea creatures under a brilliant shining sun.  You can own your very own piece of wearable art and enjoy the beach every day! 

Meet Bonita!

Bonita (Bone-eeta) means BEAUTIFUL in Spanish and Portugeuse.  If you have visited us at an outdoor event you will have seen our pirate flag flying above our tent.  We love everything about the beach and island lifestyle and we finally decided to embrace what we love for our company logo. And of course Bonita has to be dressed in turquoise!

About Lois

Lois grew up in the mountains of scenic Western Maryland but learned the route to the beach at an early age, spending summer vacations between Deep Creek Lake and Ocean City, MD.

She holds degrees in accounting and business administration as well as a Master's Degree in Finance from Loyola University in Maryland.  She has been a Maryland Certified Public Accountant since 1991.

Lois resides with her husband Roland with their two Egyptian Mau cats - Zizzer and Sagira.  When not traveling for wholesale shows or selling at local festivals you can find them at a NASCAR race, a country music concert or exploring sandy beaches and turquoise waters on a new Caribbean island!